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Pot Roast

For the Millenials, all family Sundays with baby boomer parents were not complete with a juicy stake of pot rost. The dish brings back memories of innumerable family times at local parks and camps all around the united states.
The meal is a large chunk of meat cured in wine or beer and then roasted in a pot, carrots, potatoes, and herbs are thrown in the port to come up with different flavors. Local spices are also added making the meat have a great mouthwatering aroma and taste.

Pot roast is available through out the country with different states offering different flavors and different meats prepared in this perfecting method.


This delicacy is dehydrated meat which is dried to an almost unbelievable extent, offering a source of high-quality proteins. The jerky is the favorite for campers, road trippers and wild adventurers in America. It is robust and spicy in the traditional American way.

It is a direct descendant from the red Indians who added animal fat to fire-cured meat. Chicken, pork, mutton, beef, and turkey versions are available and any other available kind of meat which the locals prefer.

It is spiced with local herbs and seasoned with tabasco or any available pepper of choice. This meal will bring out the spirit of American adventure in you.

Banana Split

The banana split festival that is held annually in June at Wilmington is the principal festival for this fabulous dessert. The history behind this signature delicacy traces its origin from the state of Ohio with a story which was made to draw the interest of local students attention to the dessert. Since 1904 banana split has been part of the American history without Fail.

The banana split will accompany you in all historical missions in the country, enjoy the dessert in hot afternoons and after heavy meals.

Chicken Fried Steak

Mashed potatoes and black-eyed peas are traditional American delicacies which were meant to go with fried chicken steak. This meal is a tenderized chicken steak which is breaded in seasoned flour and then pans-fried.

The delicacy derives its recipe from German and Australian immigrants who wanted to make use of the abundant supply of juicy chicken stakes of Texas.

For those traveling through the cattle ranching regions of the state, this is a delicacy that will stay in your memories and open your eyes beyond the beef in the areas. Just dig in and enjoy with white gravy or other seasonings of choice.

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